Chirnside Park’s Trusted Supplier of Timber Mulch

Satisfy your garden’s insatiable appetite and keep those plants happy with Yarra Ranges Recycling Services’ recycled natural waste. Support the natural circle of life and purchase some of our garden mulch for your Chirnside Park garden and we’ll organise delivery to your location if it’s easiest for you. We have the appropriate vehicles at our disposal to deliver our organic compost to you in bulk, and save you the time of transporting it yourself.

Choose a flavour from our cheap mulch selection

Depending on what mood your garden’s in, we have a variety of recycled waste materials which are great for your plants. Utilising our natural matter can help control weeds, prevent soil compaction, promote growth and reduce water evaporation from the soils surface.

  • Timber mulchthis option has a two pronged advantage, as it last for years and is slower to degrade, but also looks aesthetically pleasing around the base of your plants. A great option for landscaping
  • Garden mulchbreaks down slowly but provides organic matter which is very valuable for soil and helps maintain moisture
  • Organic compost a great choice to condition your soil and add vital nutrients and organic matter and stabilises moisture levels.

Mulch delivery for your convenience

Whether you’re in Wonga Park, Yarra Valley, Healesville, Yarra Glen or Lilydale, we can offer mulch delivery and service all of these areas for homes and businesses alike. We can deliver directly to your property, or alternatively, you can collect your landscaping products from the Coldstream Recycling and Waste Transfer Station.

Get in touch

If you’d like to learn more about our services, or have a price enquiry regarding our cheap timber mulch or organic compost delivery in Chirnside Park, give us a call today on 9739 1227.