Healesville’s First Choice for Organic Compost

If you’re looking to landscape your backyard, or simply wish to treat your plants to some of the good stuff, look no further than Yarra Ranges Recycling Services. We provide cheap timber mulch for Healesville, among a number of other landscaping products, and can even deliver all of our materials straight to your doorstep. Not literally of course, unless you really enjoy the smell of organic compost wafting through your house in the morning.

Mulch delivery in Healesville for your convenience

It like pizza delivery, except it’s not pizza, its garden mulch – and it’s actually nothing like that. Whether for your home, workplace or another destination, we can deliver a quantity of your choosing in a timely manner. This is to save you the hassle of having to source a trailer, or alternatively fill your poor Toyota Camry to the brim and hope the smell comes out.

Benefits of garden mulch

This natural produce is to plants what Beluga caviar is to us – the good stuff. Our selection of garden mulch available for Healesville residents acts as a super food for your garden, providing valuable nutrients and organic matter that encourages healthy growth and vitality. Not only this, but certain mulches can help maintain moisture in the soil and prevent plants from drying out due to evaporation.

Considering how cheap our timber mulch options are, it’s a small price to pay compared to completely replacing your plants if they succumb to the unforgiving cruelty of Mother Nature. Mulch can help insulate the root systems of a plant and keep them cool during summer and warm during winter. If you’re looking for our recycled waste products elsewhere, we also service Lilydale, Yarra Valley, Chirnside Park, Yarra Glen and Wonga Park.

Call us on 9739 1227 to discuss our mulch delivery options or for a free quote.