Wonga Park’s Quality Garden Mulch Provider

If you’re a keen gardener and treat your plants as though they’re your extended family, then you’ll understand the importance of investing in this valuable natural resource. Timber mulch is the equivalent of choosing to put premium unleaded in your vehicle, it’s a little bit more expensive, but it achieves greater results. Yarra Ranges Recycling Services carry a range of cheap timber mulch options for Wonga Park, including garden and timber mulch, compost and blended soil.

Organic compost – why you should use it

Using this natural resource adds valuable nutrients and organic matter to your garden as it breaks down, conditioning the soil to make it healthier. Mulch has its added benefits, as it helps plants resist weed germination and discourages growth. This is favourable as not only will weeds make your garden look messy, but they’ll also rob your other plants of their vital nutrients.

Reduce water wastage

It also helps to reduce evaporation from the surface of the soil and hold in the moisture to prevent plants from drying out. In this respect you can cut down on water use by up to 50% depending on your plants conditions.

Maintain the Goldilocks level of ‘just right’

During those months of extreme temperatures from both ends of the spectrum, our plants suffer the most. Our cheap garden mulch if affordable, but helps protect the soil and keep it warm or cool, depending on whether it is at risk of being frozen or fried.

Garden mulch delivery areas of service

We aim to provide a flexible service that offers maximum convenience and can offer organic compost and mulch delivery in Wonga Park and surrounding areas. We can also offer delivery service for Yarra Glen, Chirnside Park, Healesville, Lilydale and Yarra Valley. You can alternatively pick up your compost or other landscape product if easier. Call us on 9739 1227 to arrange details.